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Spanish for Travellers

Group lessons - Daily Modules
Full Course length: one week (10 hours a week – 2 hours a day)

Specifically designed to quickly learn the basics of Spanish communication needed in everyday situations.

student 7Monday: Module I
Making Friends and Socializing in Spanish

Basic expressions that you can use to speak with the locals you meet as you travel. Practice basic greetings and personal questions, some Spanish jokes and a little bit of the local slang.

Tuesday: Module II
Eat, Drink and Practice your Spanish

You will learn how to order food at a restaurant, go to the supermarket. It will help you to feel confident about eating, as you will know that you are ordering and buying exactly what you want.

Wednesday : Module III
Shop til you Drop and do it in Spanish

All kinds of shopping, whether for clothes, souvenirs, or traditional products. You will be able to describe what you want, request a different size, and ask for prices.

Thursday: Module IV
On the move, travel in Spanish

It will help you to use public transportation, ask for directions, make hostel or hotel reservations, and ask the locals about some of the best places to visit and see.

Friday: Module V
Everyday Fundamentals, Ask for it in Spanish

Phrases and vocabulary needed when running errands, going to the doctor, changing money at the bank, or calling home.

The aim of this program is that students get the basic tools with relative independence in Spanish speaking countries.

You can choose to take the modules you find most appealing or participate in all five as they are complementary.

Spanish for Families

familiesStudying a language whit the family is a rewarding experience that bind parents and kids together towards one same goal.

At BSL we use a special didactic approach for children and teenagers. Through games, music, dancing and art, they learn and practise the language in a natural and fun way.

Parents can choose from taking group, private and semi-private lessons.

Even Though parents and children work separately, they eventually join for playing games or doing certain activities so that they can share the experience of learning Spanish.

Spanish for skiers - riders & Ski Instructors

10 hours per week – 2 hours a day

student 9

During Winter season, from July to September, BSL offers special programs for skiers and riders:

- Flexible schedule
- Start at any weekday
- 2 hours a day
- All levels

Ski Instructors

Spanish language skills are required by ADIDES (Argentine Ski and Snowboard Instructors Association) for foreign instructors willing to work during the Winter Season at the Cerro Catedral Ski Resort. For them, we have designed a special course with useful phrases and technical vocabulary that allows them to learn in a more practical, efficient way.

Spanish for New Residents

student 8This is a special course for those who are planning to reside in Argentina. Methodology varies depending on students’ age (adults, teenagers and children), but in all cases it emphasizes a broader approach to Argentinean culture, history and customs so that students can easily integrate into the local community.




BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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