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Free Volunteer Work

According to what students say, volunteering is one of the most rewarding and intense experiences during their trip in Bariloche. It is a different way of practising the language and share locals’ customs while helping others with your effort and work.

All the organizations that BSL offers for volunteering are NGOs and focus on diverse objectives: educational, social and ecological.

Requirements to apply for the Volunteer Programs organized by BSL:
- Taking a minimum of 6 hours / week of Spanish Lessons while volunteering.

- Sending a CV describing your educational and professional background as well as your experience on volunteering in case you have participated as volunteer in other projects.

If you are keen on volunteering, please first apply for the lessons and then contact us so we can organize it according to your interests.

 Options for Volunteer Work


 Educational & Recreational projects for children & adolescents

Several local NGOs working with children and adolescents, friendly welcome volunteers, share with them daily experiences and appreciate new ideas for the well of both the children and the project.

Available Volunteer Positions:
These NGOs do not offer accommodation or meals in exchange for volunteering.

volunteeringEnglish teacher for children and teenagers: This position requires some Spanish, lot of patience and some teaching experience. Volunteers have lot of contact with both teachers and children.

Period: from March to November
Minimum participation: 4 weeks
Hours per day: 3 (twice or three times a week)
Minimum Spanish level: Intermediate I.
Activities run from Monday to Friday, volunteers schedule is set according to the school needs.

Recreational activities Organizer / Assistant: during Summer –December, January and February-, children are on holidays. Diverse activities are organized by these NGOs for children have fun and keep on learning during holidays. Volunteers will assist or organize games, artistic activities, football matches and other recreational activities for children.

Period: from December to February
Minimum participation: not required
Hours per day: 3 (once or twice a week)
Minimum Spanish level: Intermediate I (for organizers) – Initial II (for assistants)

Assistant to collect fruits and make jams: In one of the school backyard there are more than 100 fruit trees. During February fruits are collected to make jams. Later, jams are sold to raise funds for the School. This is a nice opportunity to spend time with locals as you learn how to cook regional jams.
Period: February
Minimum participation: not required
Minimum Spanish level: Initial II

volunteering2Greenhouse Assistant: One of the NGOs has got a greenhouse where teachers and children grow vegetables and some fruits. Volunteers can work at the garden all year round. Some of the tasks are planting, collecting, weeding and preparing new areas to plant. This is a nice opportunity to spend time with some school organizers and teachers as well as to learn how to grow your own garden.

Period: all year round
Minimum participation: not required
Minimun Spanish level: Initial II




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Extracurricular Activities


+ Tango lessons
+ Salsa lessons
+ Yoga lessons
+ Visiting a brewery
+ City tour
+ Trekking in the mountains
+ Trekking in the beach
+ Trip to the Patagonian Museum
+ Cooking and tasting typical asado (BBQ) and empanadas
+ Movie watching
+ Games

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BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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Students' Reviews

paul1I would happily recommend this school for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, the end result- I feel that I can hold up one end of a conversation in spanish quite reasonably now...
Paul Dowling - Sydney, Australia
yael1I think it was one of the best decisions I have done. It was friendly and professional, and helped me  a lot ...
Yael Segal - Israel

marlen1The teachers were incredibly helpful and understanding. I came for a week and stayed 5!!! ...
Marianne Kelly – Ireland