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Advanced Level

student 4Advanced I

When students start this level, they are able to say whatever they want to express. They have a wide vocabulary and is familiar with the main features of Spanish grammar. They can participate in fluid conversations without difficulties.

Goals: Advance I is a level to learn past tense Subjunctive. This enables students to make hypotheses and regrets of the past events. They use conditional expressions that combine modes and tenses according to their meanings.

Advanced students are able to report conversations, use impersonal “se” and passive voice.

Their listening comprehension has turned increasingly sophisticated, as well as their oral and written expression. They are able to listen to radio and TV programs, movies and songs almost without difficulty. At this level students participate freely in real communicative situations of several complexities and are completely able to manage themselves in a spanish speaking environment.

Advanced II

Students who start this last Spanish level at BSL, know Spanish Grammar completly. They participate freely in real communicative situations of several complexities without difficulty. They can hold fluid conversations among a group of people. Only tiny mistakes in grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation make them different from a native Spanish speaker.

Goals: This last level is to strengthen and practise everything that has been learnt. It focuses on personal production and listening comprehension through diverse audiovisual material. Students participate in debates with locals. They use classic Spanish literature to learn certain expressions.
They learn more about regionalisms and focus on Argentinian and Latin American culture and history.

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  • Group Lessons +

    Small groups encorage students to develop and practise their oral communication skills, through constant interaction and participation.   Read More
  • One to One (1:1) +

    This program is tailored to suit the student’s specific goals, needs and learning pace.   Read More
  • Semi-private Lessons +

    This program is only for people comming together –friends, couples, families- that prefer private to open groups. It is necessary Read More
  • Super Intensive Course +

    This course consists of daily 6-hour lessons, 4 hours in small groups in the morning and 2 hours private Spanish Read More
  • Daily Modules forTravellers +

    "Survival Spanish Program"  is specifically designed to quickly learn the basics of Spanish communication needed in everyday situations.   Read More
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Free Volunteer Work

According to what students say, volunteering is one of the most rewarding and intense experiences during their trip to Bariloche. It is a different way of practising the language and share locals’ customs while helping others with your effort and work.
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BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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