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3-Days Spanish

BSL- 3-Days Spanish

Regular Group Spanish course:
3 days / week – 3 hours / day

Private Spansih course:
3 days / week – 2 hours / day

Semi-private Spanish course:
3 days / week – 3 hours / day


We do understand. You are very keen on learning Spanish but...

...all those challenging peaks to climb all around...

...the hundreds of undiscovered paths to trek...

...the perfect snow up on the mountain waiting for your board...

...make it really difficult!

We know you are on holidays and willing to enjoy you time in Bariloche as much as possible. Our Regular Spanish Program is designed to study only during three days a week leaving two free apart from the weekend.

Concerns about how much you will learn? According to your Spanish level and your pace of study, this program is prepared to complete a level every two weeks.

Have fun, enjoy Nature and study Spanish at the same time!

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Features 3-Days Spanish

Intensive Spanish

Where to learn:
at school  - at home

Students per class:
Group: up to 5 students
Private: 1 student
Semi-private: 2 students

Private and Semi-private: when you want
Group: every Monday-year-round

Hours per week:
Group: 3 days/week-3 hours/day
Private: 3 days/week-2 hours/day
Semi-private: 3 days/week-3 hours/day

1 - 8

Morning: from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Evening: at school: from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
            at home: according to your preference
Private/Semi-private: according to your preference

of attendance

Studying Material
Free Internet access (Wi-Fi)
Cafeteria at School

Students' Reviews

ross"BSL provides a great way to learn or improve your Spanish skills in a beautiful setting. With very small class sizes and friendly teachers, the school provides lots of opportunities for conversation and correction.
Ross Macfarlane - USA
susanLas clases estaban muy bien preparadas, y podía decir lo que yo quería aprender. La gramática estuvo muy bien explicada. El material es muy bueno y la gramática fácil de aprender. Me gustó mucho estar en esta escuela!
Sussan Moldhenhauer - Germany
sabrinaOur family had a great time learning Spanish. My boys are 9 and 11 eyear old. The teachers were great with them. I would highly recommend BSL for individuals or families!
Sabrina - USA